Favorite Spiritual Movies With a Message
The following movies are my favorites with regards to spiritual messages that are woven into the plot for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. I will add to this list as movies arise and suggest important spiritual concepts or messages :

The Bulletproof Monk
A monk is given charge over a sacred scroll for an appointed sixty years and seeks his protege to take his place and demonstrates many important spiritual principles in the process.
The Matrix 1
The concept is that we live in a matrix of illusion, we need to awaken from the dream to fulfill our destiny which often includes conflicts within the self.
The Circle of Iron
A man's vision quest forces him to face internal obstacles toward his enlightenment and the ultimate challenge, he discovers himself and his destiny.
A young man rises to face the truth of his task on earth as it applies to an ongoing spiritual war, he learns to control his consciousness in this and other realities.
The Butterfly Effect 1
A young boy grows into manhood and discovers that he can create alternate realities, but they have some dire consequences.
Meetings With Remarkable Men
A man learns about people with strange gifts which lead him ultimately to an esoteric school which trains him to achieve higher awareness.
Kungfu Panda
As an animation, it is quite funny. There many profound truths revealed as the character learns to overcome his weaknesses to become a master.
Another spiritual perspective of man and earth from an archangel's point of view, a subtle definition of the human experience.
Prophecy 1
This is about the spiritual fall, the war in heaven and the issues surrounding maintaining faith in the face of darkness
Time Bandits
Though steeped in slap stick comedy from midget antics, the last 15 minutes defines a startling revelation of God, evil and the relationship with man.
Once again, reality is displayed from the point of view that we are in a dream, many layers of dreams within dreams and the question is, who's dream is it?
Made in Heaven
A man and woman find love while in heaven as spirits, but have to reconnect on earth in other incarnations. The truth of after life principles are shown here.
The One
Profound implications of connections are revealed through the multiverse of realities experienced by alternate selves.
The concept of consciousness being hosted by different or alien bodies suggests subtle references to our reality and purpose here on earth.
The Adjustment Bureau
During his political ascent a man discovers his destiny is being monitored and controlled by an unseen group on earth and he learns by
rising to the challenge of following his heart he can change his destiny by free will.